Fender Ukulele Zuma Concert - Ukulele


  • Manufacturer: Fender
  • Manufacturing country: China
  • Type: Ukulele Zuma Concert
  • Number of strings: 4
  • Size: 4/4
  • Number of frets: 16
  • Fret markers: Available on both guitar neck and fretboard
  • Average price: $439.85


  • Soundboard: Sapele
  • Bottom deck: Sapele
  • Body sides: Sapele
  • Guitar neck: Redwood (Nato)
  • Fretboard: Walnut
  • Bridge: Plastic
  • Soundboard color: Other


The Fender Ukulele Zuma Concert is a 4-strings Ukulele that produced in China.

Guitar Fender Ukulele Zuma Concert made of Sapele and Sapele.

The guitar Fender Ukulele Zuma Concert is suitable for advanced guitarists.

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