Bargain Hunter’s Secrets to Shopping at Guitarsolo

Dear guitar players,

For those of you who’re curious how to buy arrangements and online guitar lessons at at a bargain price, we’ve crafted this short guide that contains all secrets of bargain hunters. We’ll add more shopping tips and information about new promos, discounts, and bonuses here, so have a look at this page once in a while to make sure you don’t miss them!

There are 2 main types of bargain hunter’s secrets - promos and special offers/sales.


When shopping at you can get promo codes and apply them to your purchase. Just add your promo code to a relevant field in the shopping cart and enjoy your discount! Let’s learn how to get promo codes and where to find them...

How To Get Promo Codes & Where To Find Them At GuitarSolo:

- Add your date of birth to your profile on website and you’ll receive a special email on this very special day.

- Watch videos on our Youtube channel and find unique promo codes in comments to some of our videos.

- Make your first purchase at GuitarSolo and get a promo code with a personal discount.


We at GuitarSolo offer 2 types of special offers and sales: discounts for your activities on the website (find them below) and discounts related to special dates and events.

So far, the top discount days are the following:’s Birthday (March 20), Black Friday (November 23), and New Year (you know the date, right?).

We do our best to mark every music event and relevant celebrations all year round and offer something special to you on these days. Don’t miss any of them! Subscribe to us and stay tuned for our news and updates on the website and in social networks!

How To Get Your Discount & Where To Find Discounts At GuitarSolo:

- Check out our daily discounts here our find us on Facebook. 

- Replenish your personal account at GuitarSolo to shop faster and enjoy bonus payments! When paying from your personal account instead of a credit card you don’t just save time - you get some extra money! For every $50 or $100 added to you personal account you get a bonus $5 or $10 bonus respectively!

- Buy more, pay less. For buying more than 3 arrangements at once, you get the following discounts:

  • 3 arrangements with 5% off
  • 5 or more arrangements with 7% off
  • 10 or more arrangements with 10% off
  • 20 or more arrangements with 20% off

Please note that discounts for a one-time purchase of multiple arrangements and daily discounts are not cumulative... but the number of arrangements matters. How’s that? Imagine that you’ve added 3 arrangements to your cart. Two of them have a 90 and 50% discount while the third one goes without a daily discount. Guess what? You’ll get the third arrangement with a 5% discount for buying 3 arrangements at once!

- Buy all author’s arrangements at once and get a 70% off. If you buy more than 25 arrangements from one author in a single purchase, you can save up to 70%! Of course, if the author enables this option. How to get this huge discount?

  • Click the BUY ALL button under any of the author's arrangements:
  • Or use a direct link at the bottom of the author’s personal page:

- Stay tuned for our news and updates. Just add us to your bookmarks and visit to stay updated with our best offers!


We at GuitarSolo do our best to make sure you enjoy shopping at our website. That’s why we constantly update and improve the website content and add new arrangements and guitar lessons to our catalog. We work to help you play better!

Enjoy shopping and playing with GuitarSolo!


GuitarSolo team

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