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  • Sergey Budkin, Guitarist
    Hi, my name is Sergey Budkin. I am a guitarist, arranger, author of covers for acoustic guitar of many popular songs and musical compositions.

    Here are my arrangements for guitar popular songs and melodies in the fingerstyle. Sheets music, tabs are presented.

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    Sheet music and tabs - Sergey Budkin
    From Souvenirs to Souvenirs - Stelios Vlavianos
    Woman In Love - Barry Gibb
    Farewell of Slavianka - Vasily Agapkin
    The Beautiful Lady Without Regrets (La Belle Dame Sans Regrets) - Sting
    Girl - The Beatles
    My Little Star - Vladimir Semyonov
    SOS - ABBA
    The Princess Who Never Smiled - Gen Shangin-Berezovskiy
    Michelle - The Beatles
    I Will Be Always With You - Leonid Agutin
    Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
    Only Once is a Meeting in Life - Boris Fomin

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