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    My name is Maxim Chigintsev. I'm the author of many popular guitar arrangements. I have a higher musical education in classical guitar, which made music my main profession and hobby at the same time.

    I do not consider myself a virtuoso performer. At one time purposefully moved in this direction until he lost interest in technical complexity as such. Now a convinced minimalist. In my work I'm looking for a golden mean between beauty and simplicity. If i can express a musical idea with simple and affordable means, I get great pleasure.

    On the project GuitarSolo you can buy my arrangements of popular music for solo guitar (sheet music, tabs, GuitarPro gpx files). For the most part, these are not technically complicated items, for the level of a music school.

    Being a guitar teacher, I know about the shortage of educational material of this kind. There are a lot of classics, but very few popular music for guitar. And this is exactly what the students want to play most of all. Undoubtedly, classical music is obligatory for studying, it forms musical taste, musical culture. But I do not think that it's right to fixate on it.
    Sheet music and tabs - Maxim Chigintsev
    Hotel California - Don Felder
    Por Una Cabeza - Carlos Gardel
    Waltz Snowstorm - Georgy Sviridov
    Boston Waltz - Aleksandr Rozenbaum
    Confessa - Gianni Bella
    I'll Never Forget You - Aleksey Rybnikov
    Birds Don't Sing Here - Bulat Okudzhava
    Tenderness - Aleksandra Pakhmutova
    In the Dugout - Konstantin Listov
    Shape of My Heart - Sting
    Do Not Disturb My Soul the Violin - Konstantin Meladze
    Aleksandra - Sergey Nikitin

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