Author's arrangements - Andrey Veselov

  • Arrangements (26)
  • Oh, Roads - Anatoliy Novikov
    For Elise (Für Elise) - Ludwig van Beethoven
    I Will Wait for You - Michel Legrand
    Song From a Secret Garden - Rolf Lovland
    Perfect - Ed Sheeran
    Besame Mucho - Consuelo Velazquez
    River Flows in You - Yiruma
    Song - Masaaki Kishibe
    Morrowind - Jeremy Soule
    Blues - Justin Sandercoe
    The Sprinter - Isato Nakagawa
    Too Much Love Will Kill You - Queen
    Zombie (light version) - The Cranberries
    Zombie - The Cranberries
    Miraculous Ladybug - Jeremy Zag
    Birthday - Anatoliy Novikov
    Beautiful Far Away - Evgeny Krylatov
    The Grove of Gold Talked Me Out of It - Grigoriy Ponomarenko
    Wu - Andy Lau
    It's Great That We're All Here... - Oleg Mityayev