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    Hello, my name is Andrey Veselov.

    I am a guitarist, arranger, guitar teacher from Russia.

    Here are my arrangements for an acoustic guitar. Sheet music, Tabs, GPX files (GuitarPro).
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    Sheet music and tabs - Andrey Veselov
    Blues - Justin Sandercoe
    Besame Mucho - Consuelo Velazquez
    Romance - Georgy Sviridov
    The House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
    It's Great That We're All Here... - Oleg Mityayev
    Beautiful Far Away - Evgeny Krylatov
    Flamenco (easy) - Andrey Veselov
    Blue Carriage - Vladimir Shainsky
    Zombie (light version) - The Cranberries
    Perfect - Ed Sheeran
    Dark Night - Nikita Bogoslovskiy
    Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

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