Four seasons. Summer (3rd movement)

Antonio Vivaldi Composer


Six-string guitar arrangement by Carlos Reyes for Antonio Vivaldi's "Four seasons. Summer".

With the techniques of the School of the Plectrodedo (The New School of the Guitar), a greater approach to original works for violin, piano or mandolin is achieved, in this case, we can notice an approach to the work of the bow in the required accents that the work demands. El Plectrodedo, is a School based on the old technique used by the Vihuela masters: El Dedillo, but expanded by the translations made by the Venezuelan master Carlos Reyes on the different mandolin techniques used in the Master Iván Adler School.

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Wow! Beautiful and masterly!

Adaptation accuracy
Fingering convenience
Quality of sheet music/tabs

Карлос, огромное спасибо! Грандиозно. Ещё бы услышать из А.Вивальди: The Four Seasons, Winter (1st movement) by A. Vivaldi (first movement)!




Валерий Дзябенко

Очень понравилось. Браво.

Валерий Дзябенко

Очень понравилось

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