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  • Sergei Borodin, Guitarist
    Hi! I'm Sergei Borodin!

    Serial Entrepreneur. Writer. Guitar Player. Founder and Project Manager of the

    As a hobby, I write music. I started making arrangements for my guitar compositions. I will be glad to your feedback.

    Good Luck!
    Sheet music and tabs - Sergei Borodin
    Renewal Waltz - Sergei Borodin
    The Rain Energy - Sergei Borodin
    Reflection - Sergei Borodin
    Etude of the bass muffling “Couple” - Sergei Borodin
    La Raggazia di Blue - Francis Goya
    La Partida (Venezuelan Waltz) - Carlos Bonnet
    Happy Moments - Sergei Borodin
    Gypsy Road - Gypsy folk song

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