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  • Artem Rasskazov, Guitarist
    Hi, my name is Artem Rasskazov, I am a guitar teacher.

    In my free time I make arrangements of different music for myself and my students. I sell arrangements to buy canned tuna for my cat.
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    • From: Россия, Тюмень
    Sheet music and tabs - Artem Rasskazov
    Seen the Night - Viktor Tsoy
    Districts - Zveri
    Hello - Maxim Leonidov
    Boy, We're Not Angels - Aleksey Ponomarev
    For Watchmen - Boombox
    Sid and Nancy - Lumen
    Soldier - 5'Nizza
    Cigarette Pack - Viktor Tsoy
    Three Strips - Animal JazZ
    Doors of Tamerlane - Melnitsa
    Demons - Imagine Dragons
    Dislike - Alona Shvets

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