Your promo code with a 51% discount in honor of the International Music Day

On October 1, the International Music Day is celebrated all over the world! The idea of this holiday was proposed at the UN by the Russian composer Dmitry Shostakovich!

He believed that the Music Day would help unite representatives of different cultures.

In 1973, the International Music Council at UNESCO officially established the holiday. It began to be celebrated two years later.

We could not pass by such a significant event and in honor of the holiday we issue a promo code with a discount of 51%

Your 51% promo code: MUSICDAY23
Valid through: October 08, 2023

How to use the promo code:

1. Add to your basket all arrangements and covers you want to purchase on a discount.

2. Enter your promo code in the field below the shopping cart.

3. The discount will be automatically applied to all products in the shopping cart.

Please note that the promo code is valid for only one-time use. For this reason it's important to add all arrangements and covers you are interested in at once.

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