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  • Arevat Kornilova, Guitarist
    Hello! My name is Arafat Kornilov.

    All my life I devoted to music. I have a full musical education.

    Here you can find my arrangements for popular guitar music. Sheet music, tabs, Guitar Pro (GPX) files are presented.
    Sheet music and tabs - Arevat Kornilova
    Yesterday  - The Beatles
    Raft - Yuriy Loza
    Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
    Eyes and Soul - Sergey Chigrakov
    A Ballad of Three Sons - Tatiana Shilova
    Come, Fairy Tale  - Vladimir Dashkevich
    Silver - Bi-2
    Quiet Night  - Franz Gruber

    All guitar arrangements by the author Arevat Kornilova (18)