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  • Roman Khokhlachiov, Guitarist
    My name is Roman Khokhlachev. I am a guitarist, arranger, guitar teacher from Russia. Also, for more than 20 years I am the head and arranger of the band of Gypsy songs and romances "EMERALD" (in tandem with his wife).

    On presented my best covers and arrangements of popular songs and famous music (sheet music and tabs), made with great love!
    Sheet music and tabs - Roman Khokhlachiov
    What can I do - Alan Silson
    That So Heart is Disturbed - Tikhon Khrennikov
    Song of the Bandits - Gennadiy Gladkov
    Your Honor - Isaak Shvarts
    Goodbye, Moscow! - Aleksandra Pakhmutova
    Tortoise Romance - Aleksey Rybnikov
    A Life of Love (Une vie d’amour) - Georges Garvarentz
    Song of a Lion and a Turtle - Gennadiy Gladkov
    I Asked Ash - Mikael Tariverdiyev
    Мелодия из кинофильма "Кавказская пленница" - Aleksandr Zacepin
    Spinning, Spinning Blue Ball - Boris Chirkov
    Gypsy Goes - Andrey Petrov

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