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  • Twenty Years Later - Yuriy Antonov
    Snowstorms - Gypsy folk song
    Memory - Arno Babadzhanyan
    I'm Walk Around Moscow - Andrey Petrov
    The Song About the Captain - Isaak Dunayevskiy
    It's not the Wind that Tends the Branch - Russian folk song
    I'll be Back - Igor Talkov
    I Asked Ash - Mikael Tariverdiyev
    The Train Will Go to Tikhoretskaya - Mikael Tariverdiyev
    Kupalinka - Belarusian folk song
    The Song About the Hares - Aleksandr Zacepin
    Along the Murom Track - Russian folk song
    Memories of Past Love - Mikhail Gorshenov
    White Shoes - Russian folk song
    At the Nameless Height - Veniamin Basner
    On the Hills of Manchuria - Ilya Shatrov
    Prelude (E-moll) - Sergey Volodin
    My Sailor - Lyudmila Gurchenko
    Signal - Sergey Volodin
    Gilori - Sergey Volodin