Author's arrangements - Sergey Volodin

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  • Sails of Kruzenshtern - Vladimir Strunenko
    Walks Along the Don - Russian folk song
    Rhythms of Spain - Pyotr Panin
    What are You Eagerly Looking at the Road - Russian folk song
    Happy Birthday - Mildred Jane Hill
    A Small Christmas Tree is Cold in Winter - Mikhail Krasev
    Fallen Maple - Russian folk song
    Prelude H-Mall - Sergey Volodin
    Waltz G-Dur - Sergey Volodin
    If I Were a Sultan - Aleksandr Zacepin
    We Haven't Been Home for a Long Time - Vasiliy Soloviev-Sedoy
    Santa Lucia - Italian folk song
    Suliko - Georgian folk song
    Heart, What Shall I do With You? - Gypsy folk song
    Dance - Sergey Volodin
    Do not be Sad, Gentlemen, Officers - Arkady Severnyi