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  • Sergey Volodin, Guitarist
    Hello. My name is Sergey Volodin. Here my plays and arrangements for a six-string guitar.
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    • From: Россия, Челябинская область, Магнитогорск
    Sheet music and tabs - Sergey Volodin
    Nane Tsoha - Gypsy folk song
    Conversation With Happiness - Aleksandr Zacepin
    I'm Drunk - Russian folk song
    In the Garden - Russian folk song
    My Dear - Russian folk song
    Prelude (A Moll) - Sergey Volodin
    Someone Came Down From the Hill - Russian folk song
    Mar, Dyandya - Sergey Orekhov
    Walks Along the Don - Russian folk song
    Forgotten, Abandoned - Russian folk song
    Waltz in E Minor - Sergey Volodin
    Dark Night - Nikita Bogoslovskiy

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