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Pirates of the Caribbean on Guitar (2 Easy Covers)

#Beautiful Melodies for the Guitar  

Pirates of the Caribbean series of films are well-known both for the plot, beautiful filming locations and for the fascinating background music.

The main theme - He’s a Pirate - is definitely the most catchy. This story is about the main theme of the legendary Pirates.

Pirates of the Caribbean on Guitar

Many people mistakenly believe that it was written by Klaus Badelt. The thing is that Hans Zimmer, an Oscar-winning German composer, refused to work on the full OST for the Caribbean series. In fact, Zimmer waived this job because he was focused on a soundtrack for The Last Samurai. Anyway, the main theme of the Pirates of the Caribbean belongs to Hans Zimmer.

Hans Zimmer - the composer of  He's a Pirate
Hans Zimmer - the composer of He's a Pirate

Hans Zimmer was fascinated by the main theme of the Pirates. Despite his obligations under The Last Samurai contract, Zimmer made some music piece, including He’s a Pirate. Just imagine – he did it in one night! Anyway, Badelt played his part in crafting the genius composition – he polished it up and made a final arrangement. But was he the one who did it?

There is an interesting fact that calls it in question. The soundtrack to the first part of The Pirates of the Caribbean had to be made in a very short time. In fact, the two-hour track had to be written in just a month. Badelt involved 7 (!) more composers in doing the job. Ramin Djawadi, the future author of the Game of Thrones soundtrack, was one of them. What a great teamwork! So, it’s not just Badelt. ))

Indeed, He’s a Pirate is a very dynamic, rich and catchy track.

No wonder that many covers of this music theme were released for various music instruments, including the guitar.

GuitarSolo.info offers 2 covers of this composition from two talented authors – Marina Mirakova and Igor Gorokhov – both played in A minor key and easy to learn.

Marina’s arrangement seems a bit more simple but Igor’s arrangement is more deeper in sound due to more frequent change of bass sounds and more dynamic play.

Listen and check both versions. Click HERE to subscribe our youtube channel with the best guitar covers and arrangements.

He's a Pirate! (Pirates of the Caribbean theme) – guitar cover by arranger Marina Mirakova

Sheet music and tabs for this cover are HERE

He's a Pirate! (Pirates of the Caribbean theme) – guitar cover by arranger Igor Gorokhov

Sheet music and tabs for this cover are HERE

See you soon with new beautiful melodies and interesting guitar arrangements and covers.

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P.P.S. What do you think about Alex Misco’s cover of the Pirates of the Caribbean?)))

May the guitar force be with you!

Yours sincerely, Sergei Borodin

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