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  • Maksim Kartashov, Guitarist
    Hi, my name is Maksim Kartashov.

    GuitarSolo presents my best author's arrangements for an acoustic guitar. Format - sheet music for a guitar, tabs, GuitarPro files (gpx).

    • Registration date: 28.08.2018 12:27
    • Profile views: 2981
    • From: Россия, Нижний Новгород
    New sheet music and tabs - Maksim Kartashov
    For All the Broken Hearts - Selfieman
    Golden - Kylie Minogue
    Sonata L.305 - Domenico Scarlatti
    Sonata L.48 - Domenico Scarlatti
    We are at Home Today - Hudn Dudn
    El Condor Pasa - Daniel Alomía Robles
    Etude #16 - Maksim Kartashov
    Etude #15 - Maksim Kartashov

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