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Five Benefits of Subscribing to GuitarSolo.info

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Now with GuitarSolo you can not only buy and download score and tab files, but also enjoy the online access to over 3300 arrangements authored by 162 musicians, all at a monthly price of a cup of coffee. All you need to activate our subscription .

Check what benefits you get:

1. Access to thousands of arrangements in our database at the price of just one (!) arrangement a month

Surely, any guitar player can make use of financial benefits. So what’s the catch? We, as well as our authors, make our profit on the number of subscribers. The more guitarists appreciate our subscription model, the more compositions will issue the authors to make our musical database better and richer in content. Thus, both sides of the guitar community are getting their benefits from this model.

An additional important benefit of this subscription is that you don’t have to pay for each and every small purchase you make by filling out your pay info into the forms (this is required only when buying paper scores or GuitarPro files).

Leonardo Ramos, one of the first authors of the GuitarSolo project

2. Possibility to study musical scores and tabs at any time from any devices

Wherever you might happen to be, if you have access to a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or a TV set, you can always use them to open your scores and tabs. It makes you independent of your location in studying your favorite musical pieces. You will never leave behind or lose your music files when you most need them.

Please note that according to our subscribers, the tablet computers and smartphones are most conveniently suited for studying in a horizontal position.

3. Possibility to organize and quickly search through your arrangement collections

You can use a flexible playlist system, various sorting and filtering, search queries by several symbols or authors from your collection. It helps you organize your workspace as it suits you, while the playlist system will allow you to set out goals and priorities in studying arrangements. For example, you can create, in addition to the default playlists “Study later” and “Studied”, playlists of your choice.

Quick search and filters

4. Simple access to scores and tabs

You no longer need to download files and play around with formats and software, or print hard copies. All you need is just a couple of clicks away. The easy-to-use online score browsing with the zoom function will allow you to make out even the finest details in the files such as, for example, fingering. The online access mode makes it easier to thumb through multi-page scores and tabs.

Online viewing of sheet music and tabs in the desktop version

1. Arrows at the edges of the screen allow you to change pages of sheet music and tabs.
2. The numbers in the upper left corner show the page you are currently on and how many there are.
3. The magnifying glass button allows you to zoom in on sheet music and tabs for a more detailed view. You can also zoom in by left-clicking on
the page, or using standard gestures in the mobile version.
4. Full-screen mode. Allows you to open sheet music and tabs in full screen so that nothing is affected by working with them.
5. Close the window of current sheet music and tabs.

5. Quick and convenient selection of arrangements

You can open scores and tabs directly from the product card, without first adding them to the collection. The subscription will give you the opportunity to immediately evaluate the quality of an arrangement and decide whether it is good for you or not. Earlier you could assess its quality only previewing the score file or playing the video.

Opening sheet music and tabs from the item card

So that you can try all the benefits of the subscription for yourself, we have a free trial period . You can unsubscribe at any time. But we
tried to make sure that you don't want it :)

Click here to try the subscription for free.

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