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  • Petr Tragov, Guitarist
    Hello! My name is Peter Tragov. I am a guitarist, arranger and guitar teacher.

    I try to make my arrangements simple and high-quality! Here are my popular arrangements in formats - notes, tabs, GuitarPro files.
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    Sheet music and tabs - Petr Tragov
    Enchanted, Bewitched - Aleksandr Lobanovskiy
    The Last Sunday - Jerzy Petersburski
    Cuckoo - Viktor Tsoy
    The Fog - Yuriy Klinskikh
    A Glass of Vodka on the Table - Yevgeniy Grigoryev
    Soothe Me With Your Eyes - Chizh & Co
    Lorelei - Scorpions
    My clear star - Vladimir Semenov
    Lyrical  - Vladimir Vysotskiy
    Moldavian - Anatoliy Novikov
    First Love - Sergey Trofimov
    The Eighth-Grader Girl - Viktor Tsoy

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