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Veston KUS 15 - Ukulele


  • 厂家: Veston
  • 制造国家: China
  • 型号: KUS 15BK
  • 弦数: 4
  • 尺寸: 4/4
  • 品位数量: 12
  • 品位点: 纸板上有
  • 平均价格: $71.43


  • 面板: Linden
  • 背板: Linden
  • 侧板: Linden
  • 琴领: Linden
  • 指板: Ebony
  • 琴橋: Ebony
  • 面板颜色: Other


The Veston KUS 15BK is a 4-strings Ukulele that produced in China.

Guitar Veston KUS 15BK made of Linden and Linden.

The guitar Veston KUS 15BK is suitable for beginners guitarists.

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