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  • Sergei Nikolaev, Guitarist
    Hello, my name is Sergey Nikolaev.

    This is my account on and here are my arrangements for a six-string guitar.
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    Sheet music and tabs - Sergei Nikolaev
    Lazy Cat - Sergey Nikolaev
    Last Winter Days - Sergey Nikolaev
    If I Were... - Sergey Nikolaev
    Spring Etude - Sergey Nikolaev
    Short Day - Sergey Nikolaev
    Ave Maria - Franz Schubert
    Mystery Harbor - Sergey Nikolaev
    Concerning Hobbits (The Shire) - Howard Shore
    The Sound Of Silence - Paul Simon
    Farewell - John Doan
    For My Grandma - Sergey Nikolaev
    Letter From Home - Pat Metheny

    All guitar arrangements by the author Sergei Nikolaev (18)