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    Hello. My name is Nikolay Trusov.

    I am a professional guitarist with a higher musical education. I am a guitarist, arranger, author of covers for acoustic guitar of many popular songs and musical compositions.
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    Sheet music and tabs - Nikolay Trusov
    L’italiano (Italian) - Toto Cutugno
    Felicita - Dario Farina
    Go Down Moses - Louis Armstrong
    Bad Date - Aleksandr Tsfasman
    Despacito - Luis Fonsi
    Mack the Knife - Kurt Weill
    Living Next Door to Alice - Nicky Chinn
    Soli - Toto Cutugno
    C'est si bon - Henri Betti
    We Wish You all the Happiness - Stas Namin
    Another day in Paradise - Phil Collins
    Premonition - Nikolay Trusov

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