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    Hello. I am known as Keria Kot.

    I like to make arrangements for famous compositions. Here are my arrangements for an acoustic guitar. Sheet music, Tabs, GPX files (GuitarPro).
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    Sheet music and tabs - Keria Kot
    Crossroad - Chizh & Co
    February - Leonid Agutin
    I Go, I Smoke - Fedor Chistyakov
    I Know There are Edges - Garik Sukachev
    I Recognize a Sweetheart by his Walk - Aleksandr Dyubyuk
    Brothers in Arms - Mark Knopfler
    Tired Toys are Sleeping - Arkadiy Ostrovskiy
    There is Only a Moment - Aleksandr Zacepin
    Faena - Tonino Baliardo

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