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  • Aleksandr Barykin, Guitarist
    Hello dears! My name is Aleksandr Barykin.

    This is my account on and here are my best arrangements for a six-string guitar.
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    • From: Россия, Свердловская область, Екатеринбург
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    New sheet music and tabs - Aleksandr Barykin
    A City That Doesn't Exist - Igor Kornelyuk
    Younger Sister - Lube
    Yesterday - Paul McCartney
    Unquiet Grave - Greg Joy
    Wind of Change - Scorpions
    O'Carolan's Welcome - Turlough O'Carolan
    When the Smoke is Going Down
    Lonely Nights - Scorpions
    Hotel California - Eagles
    Holiday - Scorpions
    Born to Touch Your Feelings - Scorpions
    Combat Commander - Igor Matvienko

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