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  • Boris Inkizhinov, Guitarist
    Hi, I'm Boris Inkizhinov.

    I am a guitarist, arranger, guitar teacher from Russia.

    This is my account on and here are my arrangements for a six-string guitar.
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    • From: Россия, Новосибирск
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    Sheet music and tabs - Boris Inkizhinov
    Gipsy Girl - Gypsy folk song
    Happy New Year! - Benny Andersson
    Visiting a Fairy Tale - Vladimir Dashkevich
    Abvgdeyka - Maksim Bysko
    Merci - TV Advertising
    First Love Song - Andrey Petrov
    Waltz in Swing - Boris Inkizhinov
    Happy Birthday - Mildred Jane Hill
    Lullaby - Raymond Pauls
    The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree - Leonid Beckman
    Train Coming - Elie Siegmeister
    Tired Toys are Sleeping - Arkadiy Ostrovskiy

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