Hello! I want to show today how beautifully and accurately can sound a qualitative cover of a well-known rock composition on an acoustic guitar.

This is the famous composition “Smoke on the Water” by the legendary “Deep Purple”. The song was first sounded in 1972 in the album “Machine Head”.

Several decades have passed, but the song is still popular and is often played by electric and acoustic guitarists.

But at the same time I didn’t see enough quality covers for one guitar solo.

Recently, one great guitarist Konstantin Mironov sent his transcription of this composition to GuitarSolo.info

And the arrangement really turned out very cool. Melody, bass part, harmonic accompaniment — everything is remarkably! In addition, the cover is simple on the fingering.

In fact, the guitar is like an ensemble! Enjoy!

Difficulty: Lv.3 Advanced

Key: Gm / Hb

5 string dropped in “G”

Sheet Music and Tabs of this wonderful composition HERE.

Happy learning!