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Misirlou on Guitar

#Beautiful Melodies for the Guitar  

You will recognize this melody from the very first chords. Now wonder as Misirlou is super popular these days. What made it so appealing? The truth is that the melody went upscale thanks to movies — Taxi by Luc Besson and and Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino.

Misirlou on Guitar

Later on we’ll make sure that Misirlou guitar cover sounds great as well.

The melody itself has a deep history. The word “Misirlou” means “Egyptian girl”. One theory is that the first version of this song (or better say its motive) known as “Bint Misr” was created in Egypt in 1919. Another theory is that the melody (and lyrics i.e. the song) originated from Greece and was written by Michalis Patrinos in 1927 who gave the song its current name.

Later on, the melody was a hit in almost every country of the Mediterranean region.

Misirlou gained worldwide popularity through Dick Dale’s 1962 surf rock version. It was at the concert when somebody asked the guitar legend to play some dynamic eastern-flavored melody. Dick played Misirlou that he learned from his father from Lebanon (Dale saw his father playing it on one string of an oud, a Middle-Eastern lute).

Dick Dale with his Guitar

Finally, Misirlou rose to international fame after release of Besson and Tarantino’s best-sellers. What about acoustic guitar arrangements? Is there any good ones? For sure! Here is a Misirlou cover by Igor Gorokhov , a popular Russian guitarist and arranger.

I believe it is a perfect adaptation for guitar. Let’s watch and enjoy!

Sheet music and tabs of this masterpiece are HERE

  • Difficulty: Level 3, Advanced
  • Key: Em/G

And here comes the original version!

It is gorgeous in its own way, isn’t it? Meanwhile, I do believe that modern Misirlou covers with a faster tempo sound really great)))

See you soon with new beautiful melodies and interesting guitar arrangements and covers.

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May the guitar force be with you!

Yours sincerely, Sergei Borodin

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