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Cinderella by Aleksey Arhipovsky on the balalaika

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I am not a balalaika player, but I've decided to put quite much effort in learning this song on the balalaika, because I love the song and I think it sound well only the balalaika.

In November 2012 I was in Moscow, with the girl that has become my wife. On 23rd November we went to the theater to celebrate her birtdhay, her mother bought us tickets to a concert in House of Music, where a guy played a balalaika, alone:

I was completely amazed by that guy, Aleksey Arhipovksy.

He plays this 3 strings instrument with such a virtuoso technique based on harmonics and digital effects which results in an incredible texture of melodies.

I bought a balalaika in Moscow on the next days, and since then I've let it get covererd with dusty in a corner of my house, not knowing what to do with these 3 strings (two of which are tuned to the same note...).

This year I've decided to make a guitar arrangement of Arhipovsky's song 'Cinderella', but after struggling with translating this song to the guitar, I understood it can be played only on the balalaika: the harmonics on the high range of balalaika make the peculiar feel of this song, which would be lost on the guitar.

I have to say it was very challenging to learn this song, either on the guitar or on the balalaika, as the technique to play all the many harmonics is not easy to master (and I still don't).

I put the score and the tab at this page of my blog https://giampaolocapelli.wordp...

Tags: #Aleksey   #Arhipovsky   #Cinderella   #balalaika   #tab   #Алексей   #Архиповский   #Золушка   #балалайка   #таблатура  


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