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  • Evgeniy Baev, Guitarist
    Hello. My name is Evgeniy Baev.

    To date, the list of my compositions consists of 500 works for guitar, duet of guitars, for ensembles guitar-violin, guitar-violin-viola, guitar-violin-cello, for domra-guitar, balalaika, vocal compositions, etc.

    Here are my arrangements for an acoustic guitar.

    Have a good guitar day!
    New sheet music and tabs - Evgeniy Baev
    Etude "Allegrias" - Evgeny Baev
    Etude "Latinos" - Evgeny Baev
    Etude "Podespani" - Evgeny Baev
    Blagovest  - Evgeny Baev
    Black Raven  - Russian folk song
    Peddlers  - Russian folk song
    Serenade  - Evgeny Baev
    Coachman's Song  - Evgeny Baev
    Sonatas Ii  - Evgeny Baev
    Gipsy Triptych  - Evgeny Baev
    The Legend of Don Quixote  - Evgeny Baev
    Stichera Iv  - Evgeny Baev

    All guitar arrangements by the author Evgeniy Baev (12)