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  • Alex Obechaika, Guitarist
    Hi everyone, I'm Alex Obechaika, a guitar teacher.

    Here are my arrangements for an acoustic guitar. Sheet music, Tabs, GPX files (GuitarPro)

    I wish everyone happiness and inspiration!
    Sheet music and tabs - Alex Obechaika
    Hergest Ridge - Mike Oldfield
    Only You - Buck Ram
    Muse - Mike Oldfield
    Incantations - Part Four - Mike Oldfield
    Return To Ommadawn - Part Two (Excerpt) - Mike Oldfield
    Minuet in A-minor (Transposed in B-minor) - Johann Philipp Krieger
    Harmonia Mundi - Mike Oldfield
    Tears In The Rain - Joe Satriani
    One Man's Dream - Yanni Hrisomallis
    Princess - Turlough O'Carolan
    Horizons - Steve Hackett
    Fingerstyle Prelude - Alex Obechaika

    All guitar arrangements by the author Alex Obechaika (12)