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  • Vadim Prudskii, 吉他手
    Hello! My name is Vadim Prudsky.

    I'm a guitarist, a teacher, an arranger.

    The GuitarSolo project presents my arrangements and arrangements for acoustic guitar (sheet music and tabs).

    My video entries here
    新的吉他谱和六线谱 - Vadim Prudskii
    Greensleeves - English folk song
    In My Life - The Beatles
    Kangaroo - Peter O'Mara
    The Sands of Time
    Lullaby (Wiegenlied) - Johannes Brahms
    Sugar Plum Fairy Dance - Petr Chaykovskiy
    Michelle  - The Beatles
    El Condor Pasa  - Daniel Alomía Robles
    Girl  - The Beatles
    Love Me Tender - George Poulton
    One Day the World Will Bend Under Us  - Andrey Makarevich
    Bohemian Rhapsody  - Queen

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