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    Hello! I'm Alexei Nosov. Guitarist, musician and arranger!

    I am the organizer of the first Russian acoustic guitar festival (fingerstyle)
    Official representative of the guitar brand GMD.

    Here are my arrangements for an acoustic guitar. Sheet music, Tabs, GPX files (GuitarPro)

    I wish everyone happiness and inspiration!
    新的吉他谱和六线谱 - Alexey Nosov
    February  - Leonid Agutin
    To Say Goodbye  - Uma2rmaH
    One Snowflake  - Eduard Kolmanovsky
    You are So Beautifull  - Joe Cocker
    Wonderwall  - Oasis
    Teardrop  - Massive Attack
    Surfrider  - The Lively Ones
    Until  - Sting
    My Friends  - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Mad About You  - Hooverphonic
    Lithium  - Nirvana
    Fields of Gold  - Sting

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