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  • Kaminari Guitar, 吉他手
    My name is Sergey, on YouTube is better known as Kaminari (Kaminari Guitar Tabs channel).

    The GuitarSolo project presents my best and most popular arrangements for a six-string acoustic guitar. Each arrangement has notes, tabs and files of the GuitarPro format.
    新的吉他谱和六线谱 - Kaminari Guitar
    Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (full game OST) - David Wise
    Enter the Ninja - Die Antwoord
    Brother - KnyaZz
    Bannik - KnyaZz
    Mil Pasos - Soha
    Show Me Love - t.A.T.u.
    Let be - In2Nation
    Emmanuelle  - Pierre Bachelet
    Night Guest  - KnyaZz
    Kuchizuke Diamond  - Weaver
    Why are you leaving (Porque Te Vas) - Schiller
    Traicionera  - Sebastian Yatra

    编曲家的所有吉他编曲 Kaminari Guitar (19)