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  • Evgenii Shushkovskii, 吉他手
    Hi, I'm Evgeniy Shushkovskiy. I am a guitarist, arranger, author of covers for acoustic guitar of many popular songs and musical compositions.

    The GuitarSolo project presents my best and most popular arrangements for a six-string acoustic guitar. Each arrangement has notes and tabs.

    Good luck in learning!
    乐谱及六线谱 - Evgenii Shushkovskii
    Nocturne - Evgeniy Shushkovskiy
    Daydream - Evgeniy Shushkovskiy
    Andante - Evgeniy Shushkovskiy
    Dedication (In Memory of Paco de Lucia) - Evgeniy Shushkovskiy
    Memories of Spain - Evgeniy Shushkovskiy
    Forever Love (Une vie d’amour) - Georges Garvarentz
    Ave Maria - Franz Schubert
    Can't Buy Me Love - John Lennon

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