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    Hi, my name is Aleksey Ladygin. I am a professional guitarist, composer writing music in the style of flamenco, blues, neo-baroque.

    Here are my arrangements for guitar popular songs and melodies in the fingerstyle. Sheets music, tabs, Guitar Pro (GPX) files are presented.
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    乐谱及六线谱 - Aleksei Ladygin
    August Rain - Aleksey Ladygin
    Bluesette - Aleksey Ladygin
    Two Lovers Talk - Aleksey Ladygin
    Prelude H-Mall - Aleksey Ladygin
    Rain on the Seashore - Aleksey Ladygin
    On the Beach - Aleksey Ladygin
    Night Rain - Aleksey Ladygin
    Preludia A-moll (Dedication to J.S.Bach) - Aleksey Ladygin

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