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Modern balalaika music on guitar.

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As a classical guitarist I love the acoustic sound of guitar. At the same time I've always been interested in exploring the instrument's possibilities and how the sound of classical guitar can be involved even more in the broad spectrum of modern (not necessarily classical) music.
I was deeply inspired by the example of great russian balalayka player Alexey Arkhipovskiy who created his own style by combining traditional methods of playing with modern sound (including elements of electronic music). His solo balalayka playing increased the interest in this instrument both in Russia and abroad.
The first piece by Alexey that I decided to transcribe for guitar was "Cinderella". It took about a year to find the suitable means of expression and fingering to play it adequately on guitar. I used Yamaha SLG 200n "silent" guitar which let me make enough loudness to make the harmonics ring and to use delay effect without any feedback in a big hall (though this piece sounds well in acoustic too, with no effects). Of course that demands that the playing is very clear.

In "The road home" by Alexey Arkhipovskiy "delay" effect reaches its maximum effectiveness creating an infinite motion of sixteenth notes. The most important condition here is to play in a very precise tempo, which correlates with delay time using some formula. The piece can be played without the delay, but it will sound slightly different in this case. If you don't have a separate delay pedal you can use some computer-based software in any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or a standalone application for guitar effects.  Playing with delay is a very interesting and useful experience. It organises rhythmicallly and is so much fun.
While recording this piece I changed a nylon first string to a steel one to make the sound brighter.

You can find my transcriptions here: https://guitarsolo.info/en/guitarinrussia/
Feel free to comment and ask questions.
Wish you all the best
Vladimir Gapontsev

Tags: #Arrangements for Guitar   #Beautiful Melodies for the Guitar   #Equipment and Sound Recording   #Learning to Play the Guitar. Theory and Practice   #Software and Mobile Apps  


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