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    Hello dears! My name is Marina Minakova. I am a guitarist, arranger, author of covers for acoustic guitar of many popular songs and musical compositions.

    I try to make arrangements for the guitar as simple as possible, for the guitarists of the initial levels. But at the same time, all my covers is quite accurate and beautiful sounding.

    Here are my arrangements for guitar popular songs and melodies in the fingerstyle. Sheets music, tabs, Guitar Pro (GPX) files are presented.

    All good mood!
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    乐谱及六线谱 - Marina Mirakova
    The Lonely Shepherd  - James Last
    The House of the Rising Sun  - The Animals
    Your Honor  - Isaak Shvarts
    Only Time - Enya
    Hallelujah  - Leonard Cohen
    Song of the Bandits  - Gennadiy Gladkov
    Yesterday - Paul McCartney
    Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
    He's a Pirate!  - Hans Zimmer
    Et Si Tu N'existais Pas - Toto Cutugno
    River Flows in You - Yiruma
    Horse  - Igor Matvienko

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