Your personal promo code on guitar arrangements and covers. Best wishes for the coming New Year!


Hello dear music lovers!

Another year has passed. It was also difficult, but more active than last year. On our project, there are even more arrangements and even more new authors. The project is becoming one of the most famous and popular for music lovers.

Some numbers of the year 2021 ( As of December 23 ):

  • 4,723 arrangements in our database;
  • 188 collaborating authors from around the world;
  • 22,348 arrangements have been purchased during the year;
  • 20,136 active users of our service.

We wish you a happy New Year! We wish that in 2022 you all have a job and a stable income; good health to you and your loved ones, more advanced musical achievements!

As a new year gift, we offer you a promo code on purchasing arrangements and covers!

Your promo code grants you a 51% discount: HNY2022

Valid until January 8, 2022

How to use the promo code:

1. Add to your basket all arrangements, covers, and InstantSkills you want to purchase on a discount.

2. Enter your promo code in the field below the basket.

3. The discount will be automatically applied to all products in the basket.

NOTE! The promo code can be used only once, so make sure you have put in your basket all the products you wish to buy.


Sergey Borodin and the GuitarSolo team


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