Your personal promo code on guitar arrangements and covers. Best wishes for the coming New Year!


This is Sergei Borodin, the founder and leader of the GuitarSolo project. I’d like to say a few words about the outgoing year 2020 and offer you a gift.

The year 2020 has been no doubt very difficult for all people of the Earth, especially in terms of worries and concerns for the loved ones and the future. This year is a reminder for us about simple human values, about health, mutual help, and a peace of mind.

Personally, it is music that helps me get through hard times. The moment you take your guitar and start playing your favorite melodies brings calmness to your soul and, all of a sudden, you begin to see solutions to your most urgent problems …

For me, one of such solutions was to turn the forced self-isolation to my own advantage. So I learned to play several musical instruments and composed nine new pieces, while working hard developing my favorite project: a community for guitar players from around the world, under the brand name GuitarSolo.

This year, we have overhauled the site design, made it more friendly and added some useful features like a personal money account, the possibility to configure personal notifications and arrange your musical collection under the rubric “ My Collection ”.

However, we deem our greatest achievement is the possibility TO STUDY MUSICAL SCORES AND TABS ONLINE upon subscription to the service for a month or a year.

We have covered this option in more details elsewhere on our site. You can check this feature for yourselves using free trial period or the arrangement database available online without subscription – just click the button “Open online.”

Some numbers of the year 2020 ( As of December 22 ):

  • 3,371 arrangements in our database;
  • 162 collaborating authors from around the world;
  • 17,046 arrangements have been purchased during the year;
  • 12,863 active users of the service.

Dear friends! Guitar fans, professional and amateur alike!

I wish you a happy New Year! Wish that in 2021 you all have a job and a stable income; good health to you and your loved ones, more advanced musical achievements!

As a new year gift, we offer you a promo code on purchasing arrangements and covers!

Your promo code grants you a 51% discount: HNY2021

Valid until January 8, 2021

How to use the promo code:

1. Add to your basket all arrangements, covers, and InstantSkills you want to purchase on a discount.

2. Enter your promo code in the field below the basket.

3. The discount will be automatically applied to all products in the basket.

NOTE! The promo code can be used only once, so make sure you have put in your basket all the products you wish to buy.


I believe that the beauty of MUSIC will save the world!

Yours faithfully,

Sergey Borodin and the GuitarSolo team


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At the initial stage of the guitar learning, assistance of a teacher is vitally important. He will show you the shortest path to the mastery of music and help to avoid multiple mistakes.

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