Instrumental Compositions (4)

Roman Chernov Performer


Six-string guitar arrangement by Roman Chernov for songs:
1. Georges Garvarentz's "Forever Love (Une vie d’amour)"
2. Kris Kelmi's "Closing the Circle"
3. Yuriy Antonov's "My Wealth"
4. Michel Legrand's "I Will Wait for You"
5. Igor Kornelyuk's "A City That Doesn't Exist"

What you get:

  • Sheet Music & Tabs PDF ((Вечная любовь))
  • Sheet Music & Tabs PDF ((Замыкая круг))
  • Sheet Music & Tabs PDF ((Моё богатство))
  • Sheet Music & Tabs PDF ((Шербурские зонтики))
  • Sheet Music & Tabs PDF ((Город которого нет))

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