A Special Offer for Authors

Dear Author,

If you create your own music or guitar arrangements, we have an offer for you which we are sure you will not want to miss:

Post your arrangements on our project site GuitarSolo.info and start making a steady income by selling them online.

As of today, we can boast of

  • Over 70,000 unique hits a month, mostly amateur musicians;
    A total of over 15,000 buyers, mostly from the CIS countries, USA, Germany, and United Kingdom.

We assume responsibility for the promotion and sales of your materials around the globe, localization and translation into other languages. The number of buyers on our site grows monthly.

We offer a mutually beneficial plan: a 30% commission to cover the above services, while the rest 70% the authors pocket as a net profit.

Over 150 authors and professional guitar players already collaborate with us, including Vladimir Gapontsev, Maxim Chigintsev, Eiro Nareth, Aleksey Nosov, Leonardo Ramos, Nina Yakimenko, Yuri Polezhaev, Mikhail Goldort, Nikita Boldyrev, Ilya Trukhanov, Anatoly Yadryshnikov, and others.

If you sell your arrangements on your personal site or other online shops, you are still welcome to post your work on our site.

If you want to post your arrangements on GuitarSolo.info and start making a revenue, you have to make several simple steps:

1. Register with the site https://guitarsolo.info and fill out your contact and profile information.

2. Select under your Account (Settings -> My Profile) how you would prefer to receive your earnings.

3. Add your arrangements by clicking the link "Add" in the upper-left corner and select the list item "Arrangement". You can add scores and tabs in PDF format.

4. Your arrangement, having been reviewed by our moderators, will be posted on the site. Keep tracks of your sales in the account section "My sales". After each file sale, you will be notified via the email address you indicated in your registration form.

Join one of the largest communities of professional guitarists in the CIS countries and around the world!

Email your questions to [email protected] or post to the chat in the left-lower corner.

Yours truly, Sergey Borodin

Founder and Director of GuitarSolo project

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