5 benefits of subscribing to GuitarSolo

A Special Offer for Authors

Dear Author,

If you are a professional guitar player and compose your own music or make arrangements and transcriptions for the guitar, we have a great deal here for you.

Post your arrangements on our project site and earn a steady passive income.

As of today, the GuitarSolo project operates on a subscription basis. It means you will be STEADILY receiving money when the subscriber:

  • views your compositions in our database;
  • adds your composition to their collection;
  • each time opens your composition’ score/tabs (when the subscriber studies a composition, they open the scores many times).

So the more content you post on the site, the more you earn. A single buyer using just one of your compositions Into a bargain generates multiple payments to your.

Your composition can also generates another form of your earnings from the subscribers buying pdf or GuitaPro files with musical scores and tabs.

The authors that produce a quality content (quality arrangements, quality scores/tabs, note fingering) will be paid with multiplying factors applied so that each user action will pay more.

We cooperate with over 150 authors and professional guitar players; among them are Vladimir Gapontsev, Maxim Chigintsev, Eiro Nareth, Aleksey Nosov, Leonardo Ramos, Nina Yakimenko, Yuriy Polezhaev, Mikhail Goldort, Nikita Trukhanov, Ilya Trukhanov, Anatoly Izotov, and others.

We invite you too to join the largest guitar community in the CIS countries and the world.

To post your arrangements on our site, you have to register and add your compositions using a simple and easy form.

We assume the responsibility of promoting and selling your products around the globe. We localize the titles to other languages. The number of buyers on our site increases every month.

If you already sell your arrangements on other sites, you are still welcome to post your work here with us.


Currently we pay out the authors on a monthly basis; the payment for the previous month earnings will be sent to you before the 10th of the current month using the payment method of your choice; and the minimum payment amount is 10$.

So, in order to add your arrangement to GuitarSolo.info and start making money, you have to take the following easy steps:

1. Register with our site and fill out your personal details and contact info.

2. Select in "Settings" - "Sales settings", how you prefer to receive your earnings.
There are several options available.

3. Add your arrangements by clicking the link "Add" in the upper-left corner and select the list item "Arrangement".

4. Your arrangement, having reviewed by our moderators, will be posted on the site. Keep tracks of your sales in the account section "My content". After each file sale, you will also be informed via the email address you indicated in your registration form.

Email your questions to support@guitarsolo.info or post to the chat in the left-lower corner.

Yours truly, Sergey Borodin

Founder and Director of GuitarSolo project

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