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  • Roman Khokhlachiov, Guitarist
    My name is Roman Khokhlachev. I am a guitarist, arranger, guitar teacher from Russia. Also, for more than 20 years I am the head and arranger of the band of Gypsy songs and romances "EMERALD" (in tandem with his wife).

    On presented my best covers and arrangements of popular songs and famous music (sheet music and tabs), made with great love!
    New sheet music and tabs - Roman Khokhlachiov
    Spring Romance - Roman Khokhlachov
    Karate - Vladimir Migulya
    Valotte - Julian Lennon
    Fidgets - Roman Khokhlachov
    I Was Made for Lovin' You - Desmond Child
    White Night - Alexandr Morozov
    Mirror River - Sergey Sarychev
    Snow - Andrey Makarevich

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